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Lydia Laws Boost Podcast

Lydia Laws chats Public Relations for Artists

A Podcast by Grahame Farmer


Lydia Laws joins Grahame Farmer on his Data Transmission Podcast to chat Public Relations for artists, PR in 2020 and her tips for up and coming artists to get you more coverage.


Laws PR

Getting you and your music noticed

As a boutique PR & Communications agency specialising in the electronic music world, I offer artists, labels and event brands an elite personalised service pitching to worldwide print, online and broadcast media. Because I work with artists and projects I can be passionate about, I’ve developed valuable relationships with media contacts who expect something good from my pitches. My PR expertise lies in knowing where and when to target coverage and why. I now also offer club promo to get your tracks into established DJ’s sets.

I work with clients on a retainer or project fee basis. If you have progressed as far as you can by self-marketing, professional PR will boost your career and personal profile, so do get in touch.

LLPR Services include

  • Music:

    artist, label and event PR & Communications across print, online and broadcast media
  • Lifestyle:

    PR Campaigns for Brands, Nonprofits & Eco Activism
  • Worldwide Radio and TV for both of the above fields
  • Management & Branding Consultancy
  • Coaching
Lydia Laws PR Logo

International Music Press & Publicity

Plugged Into

Lydia Laws HyperTribe Plugged Into Podcast

Lydia Laws - Music PR

A Podcast by Kimmy Dickson


Kimmy Dickson from HyperTribe is speaking with Lydia Laws on music press and publicity and how you can do a bit of DIY promotion for yourself as an artist.

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Speaking for
The Earth

A passionate environmental advocate, I’m a founding member of Bye Bye Plastic, a plastic-free initiative founded by Vivie-Ann Bakos AKA BLOND:ISH. Our aim is to banish single-use plastic from music industry festivals and venues by 2025, spearheading campaigns such as #PlasticFreeParty: encouraging DJs to insist on alternatives to plastic. I handle BBP’s communications and structure worldwide events, such as beach cleans and panels: I speak on panels myself such as at ADE Green.

Lydia Laws at ADE Green

I’m deeply interested in promoting and encouraging positive environmental change within the electronic music industry and beyond. I’m a trained marine mammal paramedic for BDMLR, involved in rescuing baby seals. I’m a keen snorkeler / surfer / swimmer and spotter of marine wildlife both in my native North East England’s bracing seas and in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and other far-flung waters.

Other social issue-related interests include being a mentor for the She Said So ‘she.grows’ program: being a regular volunteer at St Oswald’s Hospice: and during my degree in English Language at Newcastle University, working as an intern at Freedom From Torture, raising funds and organising major events.

Can U put me on Guestlist?

Lydia Laws Can U put me on Guestlist? Podcast

Lydia Laws: PR and environmental change within the electronic music industry

A Podcast by Katie Knight

Lydia Laws talks about environmental change within the electronic music industry, the key characteristics that every great publicist needs, finding the balance between a career and personal life, how DJs get magazine covers and more.


Lifting the Lyd

Lydia Laws Lifting The Lyd Logo by Sally Linsdell

Interviews with Inspiring Achievers

In this podcast series, I chat with creative, inspiring people who follow their passions, whether it is saving the planet or its creatures, creating and sharing music or art, writing, or making their own business dream come true.

Meet DJs, authors, sports figures, scientists, eco warriors, successful businesspeople, and find out how, and why, they do what they do.

Listen here:

Series 1

In Series 1 join me to meet people like; a seal- and whale-life saving paramedic; a chart-topping crime writer with Lee Child for a fan; a young entrepreneur who built a massive sports editorial empire from scratch; a publicist to the world’s leading electronic music artists who started as an obsessed raver in the trenches of the Australian music industry; a marine biologist whose passion has taken her to Mozambique, the Maldives, the Middle East and more.

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Liverpool Audio Network

Lydia Laws Your Music Industry Podcast

Lydia Laws on Dance Music PR and Sustainability

A Podcast by Daniel Fish

Lydia Laws gives actionable advice on how you can improve your release campaigns with some tips on doing your own PR or helping your label’s publicist out, among other insightful topics.

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Music Publicist, Eco-Activist, Ocean-lover

Publicist & Eco-Activist Lydia Laws is the founder and director of Lydia Laws PR (LLPR), est. 2016, an international boutique PR and communications agency specialising in her chief passions: music (mostly electronic), environmental / charity initiatives and now increasingly also lifestyle brands.

LLPR has worked with an illustrious range of musical talent, including BLOND:ISH, Sasha, Warner Music, Spinnin’ Records, Lee Burridge, and brands and initiatives such as Climate Live, Bye Bye Plastic and Danielle Rattray. Before launching LLPR Lydia was Head of Digital at Neighbourhood PR, after a career in music journalism at Ibiza Spotlight and Pulse Radio, giving her seven years’ professional experience in PR & communications.

Lydia Laws by Eleanor Weitzer

More about Lydia Laws’ activism / experience:

A passionate environmental advocate, Lydia is an official advisor for Climate Live, founded by Fridays For Future members, alongside Bob Ezrin, Rob Da Bank, Stephen Godfroy... As a founder member of Bye Bye Plastic (a plastic-free initiative founded by Vivie-Ann Bakos AKA BLOND:ISH), Lydia organised the brand’s partnerships and PR / communications, as well as worldwide BBP events such as beach cleans and panels. She is a trained marine mammal paramedic for BDMLR, involved in rescuing baby seals.

She has spoken on panels at public events including at ADE, DJ Growth Conference and Liverpool Electronic Sound Summit, and was a speaker at ADE Green. She is keen to promote positive environmental change within the electronic music industry and beyond.

Other interests and related experiences include: mentoring for the She Said So ‘she.grows’ program 2019: volunteering at St Oswald’s Hospice: and during her English Language degree at Newcastle University, interning at Freedom From Torture, organizing major fundraising events.

She is a keen snorkeler / surfer / swimmer and spotter of marine wildlife, both in her native North East England’s bracing seas and in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and other far-flung waters.

High Life North

Music publicist and eco-activist Lydia Laws

Friday Interview by Laura Kingston

Founder member of a global environmental movement in the music industry, managing world-famous artists, surfing ─ and maybe using her marine mammal paramedic qualification. All in a day’s work for Lydia...